Our people are our most important asset. The Health and Safety of each employee is necessary to ensure sustainability of our business, that of supplying High Purity Silica products.

It is the policy of the Management of Silica Quartz that all employees and those persons who are not employees but who may be directly affected by the activities at the mine are protected and shall adhere to Health and Safety rules and regulations. In order to facilitate adherence, Management subscribes to the following:

  • Accept the responsibility to inform and consult with those who may be exposed to identifyhazards.
  • The development of a Health and Safety Management system, as part of generalmanagement.
  • Zero Tolerance to unsafe acts and non-adherence to rules and regulations.
  • Training of each employee, permanent or temporary, in the basic Health & Safety guidelines in the company, and more specifically, their area of work.
  • Compliance to applicable legislation, governing Health and Safety.
  • Issue of necessary Personal Protective Equipment, to each employee.
  • Participation by all work groups, in continuously improving awareness and developing a Healthy and Safe working environment.

Furthermore, due to the nature of our products, Management ensures the regular monitoring of the Health of each employee, through the provision of annual medical examinations.

The Management of Silica Quartz commit ourselves and our employees to adherence in all aspects of this policy.

The full co-operation of all employees and contractors in fulfilling this commitment will ensure the highest safety and health standards within Silica Quartz, resulting in minimal risk to our workforce and the community.