Silica Quartz is a national leader in producing high purity silica products, in that the product ordered is delivered on time, correct quantity, meeting the agreed specifications/grade, and at the right price. This results in the customers’ willingness to continue to use Silica Quartz products in the future.

The scope of our business is the mining and production of high quality silica products, for various uses, including filtration, industrial, glass and foundries.

The objective of the Quality Management System is to ensure compliance to all set standards, and thereby achieve Customer satisfaction by:

  • Continuous improvement in our business, our service and our people, and subscribe to innovation.
  • Encourage a culture of striving to achieve things right the first time around, every time and on time.
  • Ensuring that our employees have a clear understating of our customers’ requirements and expectations, through development of human resources.
  • Training of each employee, permanent or temporary, in the basic Health & Safety guidelines in the company, and more specifically, their area of work.
  • Providing the resources to achieve the quality objectives.

Furthermore, due to the nature of our products, Management ensures the regular monitoring of the Health of each employee, through the provision of annual medical examinations.

These objectives will be regularly measured by using and developing key performance indicators for our strategic objective to maintain consistency of high quality products.

Management with involvement of employees is committed to active participation in the implementation and regular review of Quality Management System, and responsible for close monitoring of the quality system at all times.